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Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Money Management

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, shouldn’t our students?  Unfortunately, high school curriculum doesn’t advance as quickly as technology does, which keeps our students uninformed about the industries that they soon will be working in.  For instance, various industry have implemented some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that business professionals use in the planning, organization, and overall management of their operations. Today, companies can use AI for almost everything, from increasing the efficiency of a project, to creating safer environments for the employees working on the project.   Students should be continuously educated on the ever changing world around them and that is why STEMMM was created.  STEMMM is an interactive program that educates students on the process of managing and completing a project, the body that approved it, its funding and how it applies to their daily lives. 



How would you rate the education at your shcool?
How would you rate classroom technology?
How would you rate the availability of extracurricular activities at your school?
How would you rate school support of student critical thinking?
How Would you rate the diversity at your school?


What is your level of political knowledge?
Do you think young people have a voice in politics?
Do you think politicians do enough to support young people?
Do you think social media influences politics?
Should the voting age be lowered?


Do you feel informed about available career paths after high school?
Do you plan on going to college?
Do you plan on joining the workforce after high school?
Do you know what a labor union is?
Do you think school is preparing you for the current job market?

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