PARTICIP8 INTERNET CAMPAIGN works with youth, parents & educators to help keep our children aware, involved and connected to what’s going on in their communities while giving them something exciting to be a part of. 


Particip8 Internet Campaign provides communities with needed programs, events, information and educational services & resources. 


To educate, inspire and organize people within their communities to work with one another as well as present ideas and suggestions to the dignitaries that governs them so that we may become more informed, educated and involved.

Ronald Patton


Ronald Patton is a noted film editor, photographer and highly recognized community activist. He has created numerous community-based programs and events during the course of his career that have personally and positively impacted the lives of several thousand youths in Southern California.

D. Elliot Woods is a professional Film/TV Actor, Writer and Director who has appeared in more than 150 TV, feature film and commercial projects.  Woods  studied under the multi-Award winning Actress Alfre Woodard who helped him to perfect his craft.

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D. Elliot Woods

Board Member