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UWS provides communities with needed programs, events, resources and educational services to foster a more unified and productive society. 


To educate, inspire and organize young people within their communities to work with one another so that we may become more informed, educated and involved in our communities.


Ronald Patton

TNBC, National Media Director

TEAM 848, Producer / Director

Ronald Patton, a Compton, California native, has a Master's Degree in business and teaches financial literacy and life skills based around the importance of time and money management to underserved youth.  Ronald started his working relationship the Teamsters when he produced a number of campaign videos for a Southern California local .  After seeing his work, Eric Tate, Secretary-Treasurer of the World Famous 848, appointed Ronald as the Media Director for Local 848, where he oversees media operations and produces various videos under the TEAM 848 brand name.

In February of 2023, Richard Teems, President of the Southern California Chapter of the Teamsters National Black Caucus (TNBC), appointed Ronald as Chairman of the Career Day Committee.  Taking on this task, Ronald created “United We Stand,” a program that works with educators, dignitaries and employers to educate students on various trade industries, as well as provide them with useful information and resources regarding the various careers that are available to them after high school. 

James (Curb) Curbeam, National Chairman of the TNBC, was also impressed by Ronald's work and appointed him as the National Media Director of the organization.  In this role, Ronald will expand the TNBC’s social media reach and connect with local TNBC chapters to assist them in their online activities.  Ronald is committed to building the TNBC as a nationally recognized force and growing the organization’s numbers, locally and nationally.  WHO ARE WE?!?!?!  TEAMSTERS!!!

Eric Tate

Secretary-Treasurer, Local 848

TNBC, Vice Chairman


Eric Tate's motto is: Honesty, integrity, education, and hard work leads to success and his bio depicts that he lives by his motto.

His career as a Teamster began in 1992 when he was hired by Laidlaw Transit as a bus
driver. After a year as a driver, he gained the trust of his co-workers, and they elected him Shop Steward. After two more years of driving his daily bus route and volunteering as Shop Steward, Eric was named Shop Steward of the Year for Teamsters Local 848.

Eric became a Business Representative and Political Coordinator for Teamster Local 848 in the year 2000. As Business Representative, Eric Tate has increased the wages for Union’s bus drivers from the $8 per hour he earned as a bus driver to today's top contract rate of more than $35 per hour and increased the number of bus drivers within Local 848 from 350 drivers to more than 2000 today. The contracts he has negotiated with the bus companies have not only increased income, but now pays 100% of the drivers' medical premiums for them and their families and as much as $5 per hour towards the Teamsters Pension Plan.

As a Political Coordinator he spearheaded Senate Bill 158 with the help of the Teamster’s state lobbyist, which protects privatized bus driver’s jobs when new bus company’s take over the service within any city in the state of California. Today that bill is known as Labor Code 1070 – 1074. All this was accomplished while Eric was attending night school. He graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree and is a member of The International Honor Society in Business Management and Administration (Sigma Beta Delta).

In October 2009 Eric Tate became Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 848. He is the
first African American in the Western half of the United States to achieve this goal.  The
members of Teamsters Local 848 have shown their confidence in Eric by electing him and re-electing him to office five times, three times via white ballot. In 2022 Eric Tate became the first African American to be appointed as a Trustee on the Joint Council 42 Executive Board. Eric has been married for more than 30 years and has two adult children.  His daughter, who is a member of Teamsters Local 848 working at Sealogix, and his son, who is a special needs adult that has overcome life threatening health, mental and physical challenges.

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