PARTICIP8 INTERNET CAMPAIGN works with youth, parents & educators to help keep our children aware, involved and connected to what’s going on in their communities while giving them something exciting to be a part of. 


Particip8 Internet Campaign provides communities with needed programs, events, information and educational services & resources. 


To educate, inspire and organize people within their communities to work with one another as well as present ideas and suggestions to the dignitaries that governs them so that we may become more informed, educated and involved.

Ronald Patton, MBA


Raised in Compton, California Ronald witnessed the grit of urban life at a young age. Those early experiences ultimately led him to become a product of the California Youth Authority and the Heman G. Stark Youth Training School, a correctional institution for juvenile offenders in Chino, CA. Although he was incarcerated, his mind wasn't and Ronald read everything from law books to Sidney Sheldon novels which helped to shape his perception of the world. While there, Ronald was among only 2% of the entire California Youth Authority population to enter into the college program where he majored in psychology. He began to analyze thought and behavior patterns, which caused him to change his own. After being released from the institution, he continued his education and wanted give back what he had unconsciously taken from the community and became a noted film editor, photographer and highly recognized community activist at the federal, state and local level by creating numerous community-based programs and events. In turning his life around, he has personally and positively impacted the lives of several thousand youths in Southern California.  Ronald created PARTICIP8 (pronounced Participate), a program dedicated to teaching high school students how to create professional video projects (which includes, but not limited to; writing, acting, directing, producing cinematography and editing). In addition to his master's degree in business, Ronald has also created a financial literacy program that teaches inner city youths (and adults) life skills based around time and money management. As a writer, director and cinematography creative, Ronald draws from his own life experience to tell exciting and interesting stories in his own unique voice.

Craig Smart, MBA


Born and raised in South Carolina with 2 amazing parents, Craig left high school with thoughts of changing the world. In college, Craig studied to be an electrical engineer, however he realized his true calling and changed his major to business finance. From there he started his first business selling merchant services throughout South Carolina. After his first business failed in the first year, he failed another 6 times before his first successful venture. But soon, through hard work and perseverance, he finally became a successful businessman and today, uses this experience to mentor other young men and women based on his life experiences. In 2013 Craig was involved in tragic accident that paralyzed him. He died on the operation table 3 times, and once, they even called his time of death. Despite all of that, he continues to run businesses which include Street Team Studios Inc., a production company out of Los Angeles, California. Today, Craig has a greater focus on raising his kids and mentoring teenagers and lives by his moto, "You lose when you quit!"

D. Elliot Woods


Writer, Producer and Actor D. Elliot Woods has built a solid resume and reputation in Hollywood via both human and alien portrayals in several Star Trek franchise film and television projects and numerous appearances on highly-rated network TV series such as NCIS: LA, Ballers, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Friends, Drake & Josh and more. Additionally, Woods has appeared in quite a few commercials for major brands such as McDonald's, Walmart and Nike. Along the way, Woods has studied under both award-winning actress Alfre Woodard and acclaimed actor/director/producer, Bill Duke. This past Summer, Woods directed and starred in the award-winning suspense/thriller short film, "Life and Lemons" which is making the rounds on the film festival circuit and is also on YouTube.

Woods has established his Fly Free Entertainment production banner under which he writes, produces and directs his own projects. Extremely passionate about helping to train Hollywood's next generation of creatives, he speaks regularly at colleges and universities on a variety of topics that include acting technique, the business of entertainment, and public speaking techniques.

A loving father of 3, Woods' intention is to lead by example so his 'pack of gremlins' come to understand and believe that anything - absolutely anything - is possible.

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